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  • Is there a limit to how much I can send in to be washed?
    No! You can send all your laundry in at one time.
  • Drop Off Hours
    Weekdays - 9am till 5:30pm Weekends & Holidays - 9am till 4pm
  • What detergents are used for Wash, Dry & Fold"
    Detergents - Skin Sensitive & Low fragrance Bleach & Softner - Ozone Sanitize (Environment Friendly) & Skin Sensitive
  • Do you launder coats?
    Please refer the washing instructions on the coats, if Wet machine washable, then we can wash
  • Can I send my undergarments in to be washed?
    Yes, you may send all clothing that is machine washable.
  • How does my laundry get weighed?
    Your laundry will be weighed before we wash it (Dry weight)
  • Minimum charges for Wash, Dry & Fold?"
    Our minimum charges are : $5/kilo - minimum charge of $25, we wash/dry individually $35 for Doonas / Blankets (all sizes)
  • Will clothes Washed & Dried seperately, (without mixing with other customers)?"
    Definetely, your clothes WILL NOT be mixed with others, your clothes will be washed & dried seperately, without mixing with any others.
  • Will the whites & coloured seperated and washed seperately?
    We don't seperate your clothes, but if we receive segregated from your end, we wash seperately. We wash your clothes as we receive from your side.
  • Can I pay by Credit / Debit card?
    Yes, all Credit / Debit cards are accepted
  • Can stain Removal or Ironing or Alteration Services Provided
    NO, we don't provide any of these unique individualized services
  • What is the turn-around time for Wash & Fold?
    The normal turn-around time is ready by 3PM next day when the order is received by 2PM. Same day service is available for a higher price, but the clothes has to be received by 10AM
  • Do you pickup & deliver?
    Not at the moment but we would love to pickup & deliver fresh smelling clothes to your home very sooner, please provide your contact details, to inform once we start
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